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Doc-Agent Notary, LLC

Hey Minnesota residents... Get your documents notarized online here!

about us

RON-Mobile Notary Service for Minnesota.

Our main effort is based on clients, needing loan closings in remote locations, either in their homes or the local coffee shop or mall... we cater to the clients schedule and needs. We provide signing services for all major national and regional mortgage lenders and Title Insurance companies. Extending the same level of professionalism and expertise to all of our clients for a one-on-one basis closing approach. We now offer RON - remote online notarization for the state of Minnesota and certified with Signix, Nexus, and Pavaso online software applications. We are connected with most major signing services across the United States for Minnesota notarizations needed for all real estate transactions. If you are a title company or escrow officer with exclusive needs, call or text me with deadlines you may have!

What is A Notary?

A Notary Public is a state government-appointed official who can acknowledge signatures, certify powers of attorney, administer oaths, and other notarial acts. Notarization reduces the risk of fraud and increases confidence.

What Do Notaries Do?

Minnesota Notaries are authorized to perform the following notarial acts:
-Take acknowledgments
-Administer oaths and affirmations
-Witness or attest signatures

Remote Online Notarization

RON - Minnesota Residents Only
  • Notary Internet Portal
  • Signers Upload IDs - CellPhone
  • WebCams Needed - Record Transaction
  • Signers Click to Sign and Date Docs
  • Notary uses Digital Stamp - Notarize
On Vacation... at the airport or hotel room - get docs notarized online anywhere!

Mobile Notary

Minnesota Mobile Notary
  • Mortgage Closings
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Power of Attorney - POA
  • Motor Vehicle Affidavits
  • Corporate Documents
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Split Signings for Out-Of-State Needs

Customer Service

We Answer The Phone - No Prompts!
  • We Answer Phones 7 days/wk
  • Emails in Real-Time
  • Vast Resource Database to Documents
  • Strieve - 100% Perfection
  • 1st Time Signings - No Errors
  • We Get Answers to Questions Immediately

Meet with our awesome team.

Minnesota Licensed Notaries / Closing Agents
Benjamin H Heinzeroth
Benjamin H Heinzeroth CEO - Minnesota Licensed Closing Agent

Benjamin H Heinzeroth

CEO - Minnesota Licensed Closing Agent/RON

Successful Project
Successful Project
Successful Project
Successful Project

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